Fall 2018 Registration Now Open


Our morning or afternoon routine begins with parents, grandparents or nannies saying good-bye at the gate. The sand box is a comforting, non-intimidating place for some children to start off – others may choose to build, paint, draw, or look at books on the couch. As the children settle and the tone of the room stabilizes, our staff will help children get acquainted with materials and daily projects. 

Children are welcome to choose between gluing, water-play, the dough table, print-making, easel painting and the block area. They can move freely between the various activities set up for them. We will guide them if they are having difficulty. 

Near the end of the program we gather by the piano for a healthy snack such as banana, red pepper, or cucumber. We sing, jump, dance, play instruments and perhaps use props that the children have made themselves such as masks, crowns, wings, or hobby horses. We are regularly joined by a musician during circle time who introduces the children to instruments like the piano, violin, and guitar. To learn more about our program, visit the following page.

We wind down before dismissal with a story or felt-board book.


Morning programs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

$37.50 per morning. A non-refundable credited deposit of $50.00 is required for registration.

Fees are due at the beginning of each month, preferably in the form of post-dated cheques.  

Download the Fall 2018 Registration Form.

Artful Afterschool

Afternoon programs on Thursday. 3:30 PM to 12:00 PM.

Created by community moms.

If you have a group of at least 5 children who you feel would enjoy an after school art time for 1.5 hours, please contact us at theartfulchild@gmail.com or 416 970 9004.

New to registration? Read The Artful Child Parent Handbook for a more detailed look into our program.

Contact Us to discover The Artful Child in-person by arranging a date to visit us the heart of Roncesvalles. We welcome curious parents and their children to join us for a meet-and-greet before registering for our program. Be introduced to our staff and let your child explore the room through painting, sculpture, and singing during one of our regularly scheduled classes. 

Please note that your child's registration will only be confirmed when the Registration Form and non-refundable deposit have been reviewed and accepted.