At The Artful Child we welcome curious parents and their children to join us for a meet-and-greet before registering for our program. Be introduced to our staff and let your child explore the room through painting, sculpture, and singing during one of our regularly scheduled classes. Feel free to call and arrange a date to visit us in the heart of Roncesvalles. Check us out on Instagram!



214 Wright Avenue (at Roncesvalles)
Toronto, ON Canada
M6R 1L3




May 2, 2018

As the mom of 3 kids who lived in both Vancouver and Toronto we have seen most of the typical preschool/JK programs - Artful Child has been the most outstanding one for our family. There is no other place like this that I have seen and was a magical place for my children. It has been a strong foundation for my kids who have the most vivid memories of Artful child as a place of pure contentment, peace and stimulation. 

At the time, our ambitious education-based nanny had been a caregiver on Toronto's west side for over a decade - she had seen all the programs you could imagine. She was a firm believer that ONLY Artful Child could provide the necessary educational and creative base for learning from all the places that she had seen, and that NO other place was good enough for children in her care. While initially skeptical that there could be such a place, when I brought the children there, I could see what she meant. Every component of the program is just better than others but more than that, there is just something about it, the kindness of staff, and how activities are run that make it a wonderful unique environment to learn and be in.

My kids and our nanny's kids have gone on to excel in all subjects in school, and are moreover creative peaceful people. Looking back, I am truly grateful that I was able to give my kids this special experience when they were little.