What is The Artful Child?

According to The Early Years and Childcare Division, Ministry of Education, The Artful Child is operating as a “Recreational Program”. It is not licensed as a a daycare, or a day nursery or childcare. It is a privately owned and operated space for children to learn and create.

The Artful Child has been inspected and approved by Toronto Fire Services. It has been inspected and approved by Toronto Public Health for it’s hygiene and sanitary practices. It’s mission statement has been reviewed by The Ministry of Education and approved as following The Ontario Early Years Pedagogy “How Does Learning Happen”. Staff are approved by The Ministry and qualified as Registered Early Childhood Educators, OCAD graduate and Psychology Degree Graduate. Our volunteers are students from the community interested in the Arts or retired teachers.  We follow the Ministry guidelines for staff and volunteer protocol, First Aid Training, Police Checks and qualifications.

The Artful Child has a positive relationship and open communication with The Ministry of Education.